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Welcome to my personal little corner on the web! My name is Lee West and I am a graphic design/multimedia specialist with over 10 years in experience. In this time, I have developed over 1.5Tb of video & design data!


traditional language, to a universal understanding

Creative thinking, direction, design and multimedia are my passions. I enjoy developing disruptive products that evoke emotional reactions to a company or individual's brand in ways that may not have yet been explored. I believe there is true value in the statement, "image transcends traditional language, to a universal understanding". We all speak differently, we all think differently - but for the most part, we all see the same things when we look at the world. That is why that statement is and always will be the basis for my entire career. 

I have spent 10 years representing and developing images for some of the most renowned companies in the world, across multiple industries. I am also involved and co-founder of two startups that have afforded me the opportunity of working with high profile clients such as: Neal Schon (Founder and Guitarist of Journey), The Jerry Garcia Family LLC. & Jerry Garcia Collection, Eartha Kitt Collection & daughter Kitt Shapiro and NY Times Best Seller, Marty Noble